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you know i love burgers.  but my post today is not about this recipe, but about beef.  real, healthy, natural beef. i think my very first post on this blog was about a burger i made using white oak pastures beef.  i have actually had the pleasure and honor of meeting the owner/farmer of this farm. his name is will harris.  where am i going with this?  glad you asked.  a few weeks back, i read a post on eat sleep and exercise beth  that just completely put into words how i feel about eating, supporting, and buying locally grown food. why wouldn't you?  it is so important, especially today, to support "us".  to support our local farmers and their families.  white oak pastures has a 16 minute video that you absolutely, positively, have watch.  and you must watch it uninterrupted.  that's a direct order!  i watch this video from time to time and i honestly get chills when i watch it.  i am lucky enough to live in georgia where i am able to purchase this beef.  i have only been able to find it at whole foods.  and you know what - it's not that much more expensive.  once you have seen this video, i hope you will get on this band wagon with me.  i simply will not purchase and prepare beef for myself or my client's unless it comes from white oak pastures.  after you see this video you will know why.  one of my favorite things he says in the video (and there are many) is:  "you are what you eat, eats".  (i also love when he refers to his beef as "athletes".)  click on the link below and get ready to see what eating beef should be all about.  p.s. i love his last line in the clip.
p.s.s.  i also love opossum (his dog).